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Friday, January 18, 2019

Listening to your favourite song with earphones in a serene environment brings an amazing sensation. Albeit, nothing compares to the feeling of listening to music with a crowd of people who are most likely feeling the same things as you are. it’s like an overflow of good vibes.

That being said, being in a concert and having the full intense experience banks on some important things; the arena, the artiste, the musical lineup and your outfit! Yes, even in the most carefree, soul-searing settings, you still need to pay attention to your outfit.

Doesn’t seem rational? Well wait till you’re decked out in one of the outfits highlighted below and watch someone else struggle with their improperly planned outfit –you’d be glad you took the care to plan.

Coordinating outfits with the concert type can seem bothersome, rest easy –we’ll do the sorting.

  1. High low overlap skirt


Your favourite artiste could be a very unique alternative singer, which automatically means there likely won’t be a lot of jumping around. This dress is perfect for such a concert. It gives you the freedom of comfort without pounding on your fashion sense. Coupled with a beautiful chiffon shirt or a strapless cotton tank top and a nice pair of heels or sandals, you get a stunning look!

  1. Black kaftan with black stripped trouser


For men, dressing for a concert can be tricky. Sometimes you want to pull on your favourite tee and some crazy jeans and be on your way. While other times, you want to tuck a dress shirt in and call it a day. This kaftan number solves that dilemma with so many benefits in just one look. With this, you get elegance, style and comfort.

So, you can either sit back and listen to some soul music or break out in impressive moves without worrying about fitting in.



The macho man will find this tee to be a jewel. Comfort, style and all the manly vibes your heart desires. Pair this with some jeans and stylish sneakers, you are well on your way to having an amazing night with good music and the right crowd.



Nothing screams concert like a checkered shirt, you can try to argue but you would come up short. The checkered shirt might as well be the universal concert uniform. Add jeans and a nice pair of shoes, you’ve got yourself a winner! It’s a classic look that promises a fun time.

  1. Polo


Happy hour cannot be a happy hour without a polo. When all else fails, and you don’t feel like being decked out in too much, a polo can come to the rescue. As seen in the picture, the right shoes can effectively do justice to your concert look with a polo decked on!



We know what you are thinking. A sweatshirt? Really? But hold up, you’ll be thanking us when you are at an outdoor concert and watching people rub their arms due to cold while you are all cosied up. Sneakers, sweatshirts and jeans are the perfect combos for an outdoor concert that will likely run till later in the night when it gets cold.

  1. Hoodie Piece by ZVP


Like it is stated in the Kalakuta Republic, having your own warmth at a concert is not a bad idea. However, if you’re an urban/chic lady then this hoodie piece is just for you. It serves two purposes with the added benefits of a feel-good outfit. One: it allows you to express your feminine side, and two: it keeps away the pests that try to interrupt a good concert (bugs). It’s the complete package, don’t you agree?



Just like the camo tee, this is a typical macho man outfit and we love it because it is such a unique colour for men’s wear. It is not every day you get to see a man wear a yellow tee, and one as bright as this! So, if you don’t mind the attention and would like to stand out at a concert then this is the shirt for you. You can add on a face cap for extra style points.

  1. Dede Pant by ZVP


Concerts aren’t an excuse to be dressed in basic outfits. Most people opt for the easiest things but one of the best parts about a concert is receiving and dishing out compliments to people.

This Dede pant is a sure compliment magnet. The stripes are all the allure and style you need. To pull off this gem, just top it off with some chiffon or linen. There is no rule that says you can’t look stylish while screaming your favourite song at a concert.

  1. Neil top


This top is just amazing and should always be at the top of your options for a concert outfit. The material is soft and comfortable, so you can raise your hands and sing your heart out with no worries. The little details on the design up the ante of style and fashion in a normal, adrenaline-driven environment.


Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Now that you’ve made plans with your squad this weekend, there’s only one thing missing–the club dance outfit!

It doesn’t necessarily matter if you’re a hot stepper or a clumsy one, whatever outfit you decide on, you should be able to turn heads and dazzle at the occasion.

Jeans and all super-tight outfits should be thrown far from your mind when the subject of dancing comes up –you have to be free to move.

However, if we’ve just taken away all your wardrobe options, don’t fret! Put your seat belt on and let your hair down, we’re about to take you on a cruise for the best club outfits.

  1. Red side slit jumpsuit


Going dancing is best done as comfortably as you can. If we are being honest, comfort is the first thing you actually consider while selecting an outfit to go dancing in.

Skirts can be comfortable but risky, jeans may get very uncomfortable after a while but a jumpsuit will do absolutely no wrong --especially if it is sleeveless like this beautiful piece.

The slit sides also give you the added advantage of allowing air into your legs while you get your groove on!

  1. Elley set


The club isn’t the best place to find a lover like Ed Sheeran claimed, but it is a pretty decent place to let your hair down and have a good time. When it comes to clubbing, however, most people opt for the shortest numbers in their closet --that’s a no for us.

You can look sultry and jaw-droppingly gorgeous without flashing anything. This blue three-piece outfit is going to put the spotlight on you without a doubt -and without the roaming eyes.

The open shoulders and high slit give you the sultry vibe while the material allows you to breathe comfortably while making your way across sweaty bodies.

  1. Nessa set


If the Elley set is too long for your personal taste then this Nessa number is perfect for you. With the skirt length, you can comfortably do the tango and salsa without having to worry about accidentally flashing onlookers. Also, the ruffles on the arms add an air of adventure to the general look of this piece.

  1. Zita dress


A lovely night out at your favourite elite club calls for the Zita dress --trust us on it! This dress is literally perfection in lace, with the right amount of transparency and just the right length to make you feel free enough to leave your stress on the dance floor.

The cut and style of the dress are elegant in the total ‘I know how to have fun’ way. So, if you’re headed out and need to maintain your standards, this is the one for you.

  1. Black playsuit


A night of fun is what you seek? Look no further, just pick this. The playsuit is the shorter version of the jumpsuit which basically means, more airless stress. This beautiful black playsuit is all you need to look the part on the dancefloor.

The gold buttons on the sides are a chic-inclusion to the fun style created by this look, and guess what? For extra comfort, you can pair this off with strappy sandals for ultimate comfort.

  1. Brown Halter Neck dress


If your style is all elegance and class then you’re going dancing in this gown. It allows you to carry yourself with perfect sophistication while ensuring that you don’t look like a prude (no offence intended). The halter neck adds a dash of style to the perfection that is this dress for an elegant thrill seeker.

  1. Stripe Blue Dress with Lace Bottom


A picture speaks a thousand words and we believe this dress has done itself enough justice. The shirt bodice promises comfort and style while the lace emphasizes the beauty of feminine grace. If your style is low-key then this dress is high-key your perfect choice for a night out.

  1. Meigue jumpsuit


Daring, bold and beautiful. This jumpsuit can only be described and worn by a person who is those three adjectives. The top part is designed to be sultry while the bottom reaffirms class. So, if you are adventurous with a huge love for all fun-related activities then, by all means, this is your outfit.

  1. Yvonne dress


This is literally, the studded version of the Zita dress. If the Zita dress is too calm for your taste but you want all the perks the style offers, then Yvonne was made for you. With some extra glam to suit your glow.

  1. Floral sheer blouse


This blouse is everything you need and more. Seriously, it is.

If you want to be spontaneous and racy with caution you can have just a bra or tube beneath it but, if you are not so daring you can put on a camisole before putting it on. Either way, paired with high-waisted shorts or skirts and you’re good to go!


Friday, January 11, 2019

Fashion trends are one of the most exciting aspects of urban living. As new trends are introduced, the fashion scene evolves and another trend follows closely behind. However, these trends are like guidelines for designers and stylists in order to keep their looks within the range of what is and isn’t acceptable by the fashion community at a particular season.

Fashion enthusiasts and stylists alike are constantly on the lookout for wave-making, awe-inspiring and cringe-inducing trends to either join the bandwagon or steer clear from.

Just like past years have seen some of the most interesting and horrifying trends come and go, trends are often recycled and revamped to be re-introduced to the fashion world with massive reception from fashion enthusiasts.

Wide-legged trousers, mom jeans and vintage shirts are some of the recycled trends that have been re-introduced to the scene and are major hits in the urban fashion world.

Keeping up with the fast-paced changes can prove to be exhausting, especially when preparing your closet for the new year’s fresh wave of trends. Don’t fret it, we have compiled a list of thirteen trends that are going to help you jingle the right way this year!

  1. CAPES


Capes have made a new appearance on the urban fashion scene and they have been widely accepted, no surprise there. Despite being extremely stylish, the capes are super easy-to-wear outfit perfections. Throw a beautifully designed cape over crazy jeans or snug-fitting yoga pants and your look becomes a 10/10 real quick. The more intricate and unique the design of the cape, the higher your style scale tips. This FIERCE CLOAK is a perfect example of the cape fever that has hit the fashion scene recently.



Art is making all the waves in 2019 and we can say this assuredly based on the high demand for aesthetic clothing from mid-2018 til now. Hand-painted jackets, jeans and sneakers have been in the fashion news as the new cool. However, one relatively untapped aspect of this trend that you can maximize in 2019 is hand-painted clutches.

Despite the overall aesthetic effects these clutches, like the SIGNATURE HAND PAINTED CLUTCH displayed above provide, they are unbelievably chic when it comes to style. Also, thanks to the hand-painting, you can have yours custom made to fit your needs and style.



Bags are one of the top accessories in a lady’s closet. They can really define your outfit by increasing the ante or taking it down a notch as may be required. The trends revolving around bags in previous years have been focused on colour and design, not the material used for the bag itself.

The Abike bag is a beautifully designed, cylindrical bag made with snakeskin but what makes it a great trend option for 2019 is the addition of bold, seemingly ‘clashing’ colours.



The older fashion design of tie&dye and wax work is making a huge comeback this season. A lot of top designers have already begun to infuse these patterns into their designs. One of the more unique variations of this trend is the Batiq shirt by Orhue. The design and cut of the shirt fall in line with the modern urban style but the print draws inspiration from the older adirefashion.


C:\Users\Ajibola\Desktop\AVRIL STUFF\rabo.JPG

Just like capes, jackets are making a huge comeback this season. Fashion enthusiasts are definitely appreciative of this trend because the style and cut of the jackets allow them to be creative with the design. The Rabo cage jacket is of longer length than standard coats but the high-placed pockets, the buttons and the lapels (which are supposed to be exclusive to suits) all earn extra trend points for this jacket.



Jewellery are standard statement-makers. They accessorize every outfit and give a glammed appearance to the wearer. This Fiona jewellery set features most, if not all, of the characteristics of the bold jewellery trend. The use of aesthetic stones and interlock chains with dangling earrings is as daring as sophisticated jewellery can get.



Most people say the first thing we notice about another, is their footwear. True, as that maybe or not, shoes are the completion of every outfit and these Blue slides are just the best way to draw attention to your feet. The aesthetic effect of the colours are great trendsetters for the year.



Style is dynamic and constantly on the rise. The application of the different patterns and design evolve with each fashion trend. Infusing geometric shapes in outfits like these Signature pants is a firecracker way to wear this trend like a pro.



Creating a revolutionary fashion trend from the traditional culture can be tricky and trying but African prints have defied the odds. This Biodun jacket is proof of that. Style certified with a beautiful design, this is definitely a trend for 2019.



Jumpsuits are not a new look on the fashion scene but the styles and designs have been innovated since they first hit the streets. Jumpsuits now feature a series of cuts and styles that were not originally associated with them, like this Nancy jumpsuit. A mix of materials and accessories have been added to the standard looks of jumpsuits.



The Black Panther movie was a cultural turning point for most people and it inspired a lot of trends. Fashion stylists have drawn inspiration from the cast's wardrobe. In line with that, this Wakanda bracelet is one of the best ways to key into this trend.



When art meets style, it's sure to be a killer look. These UWA pant by ZVP are a perfect addition to your 2019 trends closet. They are comfortable, trendy and have a simple beautiful design. What's not to like? Styled with mesh tops, chiffon and snug-fitting tank tops, they are a hit look for any occasion.


Hoodies have been a comfort option for a very long time and justifiably so. They are typically made with pure cotton for maximum warmth but the latest trend on hoodies is the inception of different materials in making hoodies. Like this TEMI hoodie which is made with a mix of Ankara print and cotton for the cover. It is fashion savvy and trendy -did someone say perfection?

​10 best Christmas Party Outfits to Rock to Holiday parties

Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Christmas is an undisputed, crowd favorite, holiday. Like most holidays, it comes with a whole lot of events and occasions. This is a major reason why a lot of people look forward to the end of the year activities, it is simply the best outlet for the stress and pressure of the whole year –but with sentimental value.

However, most personal calendars are usually loaded up with events right from the weeks/days leading up to Christmas and they continue till the New Year is ushered in. We don’t have to take a look at your planner to know that there are already scheduled places to be and a Christmas bucket list to cross out.

Getting ready for holiday parties can be tricky when you have to figure out what would be considered to be too much for a particular event or gathering. To ensure that you have a stress-free holiday while living your best life and simply having a good time, we have created the ultimate list of Christmas party outfits for the year.

The best part? Each one of this outfit allows you to express yourself when the music comes alive and you can swing your body to the vibe.

  1. Sleeveless fringe dress


You can’t deny that this fringed perfection has ‘party’ written all over it and this should be at the top of

your options whenever you are considering an outfit for a relaxed night out at a high-end lounge or

restaurant this festive period.

Comfortable heels, light jewellery and some subtle makeup later, you are ready to party and celebrate the

successful end of yet, another year.

The sleeveless factor is more encouragement to the party like you mean it, without worrying about sweat


  1. Love game dress


The picture speaks a thousand words but for records’ sake, this dress is amazing!

Now, we’re not just saying that because we can, but because it is the truth! Look at the dress and be honest,

don’t you feel like doing a shimmy in it?

This love game dress is the best outfit for any informal gatherings this festive period. It is beautiful, simple and

better still? It allows you to be as comfortable and unrestricted as you want to be.

  1. High-low overlap skirt


Skirts have once again rocked the fashion wave and this year had one of the biggest waves. From denim to minis,

we have seen skirt successes and fails. Rest assured, this high-low skirt is a confirmed success.

Got a corporate Christmas dinner and your dresses aren’t doing it for you? This right here is the answer to your

closet longings. Let’s not forget the fact that skirts emphasize certain parts of the body and give you looks that

make you feel like amazons.

  1. Sheer blouse


The best thing about sheer blouses is their sheer flexibility. See what we did there?

A sheer blouse can be styled with cashmere and tucked into a skirt for a day at work, while the same top can be

worn with a short tube and jeans for a night out.

For any of your outings this season, simply style your sheer blouse with heels or sandals as the occasion calls

demands. You don’t have to exhaust your resources to look good.

  1. Loli Pants


Nothing says ‘hair down, fun ready’, like these Loli pants.

Bust out your dance moves in these comfort beauties while enjoying the scenery at a BBQ or potluck

Christmas get-together with your friends.

Couple it with a patterned or solid coloured shirt or tuck a funky tee in the waistbands, you’ll rock both ways.

What better way to have fun and countdown the new year than in beautiful comfort?

  1. Navy One-shoulder dress


There is just something about one-shoulder dresses that make them look so glamorous -even in the simplest of


This beautiful dress almost definitely screams ‘company Christmas’. Whether it’s a dinner, a get-together or an

actual party, this dress should be seen by your colleagues to reaffirm that you can slay in more ways than

corporate wear.

The details and additional designs are bonuses to the perfection of this outfit.

  1. The Veronica dress


Most outings at this period are typically before and after the Christmas day itself. A lot of people prefer to stay home and entertain their family and friends. If you are one of them but you still want to get dressed up, then this dress is all you need.

The colour complements the season perfectly and the design is simple enough not to have you looking weird at the Christmas dinner.

The style allows for free movement while guaranteeing elegance and beauty all in one dress.

  1. Gatsby dress


Despite its name, this dress has no likeness to the reckless flamboyancy of the Great Gatsby. However, let us

leave that aside and admire the sheer simplicity. It is so easy flowing yet shape-defining. Magical is the word

that comes to mind.

The perfect option for a late-night Christmas party when worn with heels or a boxing day brunch when

paired with beautiful strappy sandals.

The beauty of this dress is incomparable and between you and us, we think the name Gatsby is perfect for it.

  1. Liza gown


The Liza gown is a sincere beauty to behold. The solid colour and design give you an immediate air of

sophistication which is perfect for a corporate Christmas dinner like your office’s end of the year gathering.

The off shoulder and ruffles ease off the seriousness of the gown so it doesn’t seem like you came to the party in

your work clothes.

Throw in some dangling earrings and a beautiful wrist piece like a wristwatch or bracelet with comfortable heels

and dazzle everyone at the party.

  1. Side belted wrap dress


This dress is literal perfection. Its style is so simple and beautiful that when paired with some pearls and it becomes classy enough for a Christmas dinner. Swap the pearls for some studs, accessorize with rings and a bracelet, it becomes a look for a casual party or lounge tour.

You can do no wrong with this dress whether you wear it with heels, flats or sandals. It allows you to be comfortable and stylish, two of the most important things when it comes to picking an outfit.

Going by these impeccable options, your look for every occasion would be nothing but a straight up hit! Have fun this festive period while looking your very best!!

Namibia - A Breathtaking Trip to the Land of Endless Horizons

Friday, December 14, 2018

With an average of just five people for every square mile, Namibia is the second-least-densely populated country in the world. And one can easily see why: the bulk of the country is taken up by desert and so outside of Namibia’s short rainy season, it’s a very arid place.

One could drive for hours straight and not see a single human, car, or building over that time. If you’re an introvert with a love of wide, open spaces, you won’t get enough of the isolation.

Known as the land of endless horizons, Travel in Namibia is unlike travelling anywhere else on earth. The epic landscapes and great big distances of this country will leave you feeling both insignificant, small, in absolute awe and carefree and at every turn. A visit to Namibia is well worth it; It's epic in every single way.

Vast and breathtakingly beautiful, wild and dramatic; from the depths of Africa’s largest canyon to the soaring dunes, Namibia is a must-see. And what's more, Namibia was rated the #2 best value destination in Lonely Planet's 'Best in Travel 2017' which means it is very affordable right now.

Here are some breathtaking places to visit in Namibia:



Make time to visit the red desert dunes of Sossusvlei, If you only have time to see one thing in Namibia.

Considering the country in its entirety is remarkably beautiful, it’s a big call. But not many places on earth can boast a landscape quite as special as the one inside the Namib-Naukluft National Park.

How it feels when you stand before a towering orange sand dune stretching some 300m towards the bright blue sky or touch the shifting sands of the world’s oldest desert, the Namib, or walk amongst 900-year-old fossilised Acacia trees in the vast white clay pan of Deadvlei – can’t be described in words.

During sunrise is the best time to see the dunes in all their glory; when the light coming from the east paints the dunes in vivid orange and black contrasts. You can get in a little workout by climbing Dune 45 at sunrise, the most accessible. Explore Big Daddy or Deadvlei late in the afternoon, when the golden light again illuminates the area in all its magnificence.



Legend has it that this dramatic void that snakes through the dusty Namibian landscape was whiplashed into existence by the tail of an angry dragon. And it won’t be hard to see why - when you’re standing at the lip of Fish River Canyon.

After the Grand Canyon, the jagged canyon is the second largest in the world and will surely make you feel small in the best possible way. It also counts its birthdays in the league of ‘almost as old as time itself’ at 500 million years old.

Heavy wet season rainfall transforms the Fish River from a series of narrow interconnecting pools on the canyon floor into a raging flash flood and you might also be lucky enough to catch sight of it if you’re there towards the end of summer.

You can take on the challenge of the four-day day Fish River hike that winds along the canyon floor if you’re feeling particularly brave. It will be tough but absolutely unforgettable.



An intoxicating mix of bleak desolation, treacherous history and harsh terrain, make the dangerous-sounding ‘Skeleton Coast’ the tourist attraction it is. Here, the wild desert meets the sea - the hot, dry air of the Namib desert colliding with the Atlantic’s cold Benguela current to create a fog that rolls thickly over the sea.

Coupled with strong water currents and a howling wind, it’s little wonder that hundreds of unlucky ships (and their seafarers) have met their demise along this coast over the centuries. While the skeletons of whales and seals litter the shoreline - the last vestiges of the old whaling industry, Some of the shipwrecks are still clearly visible today. To top it off, elephants and desert lions still stalk these dunes as well.

The Skeleton Coast remains some of the most pristine coastal wilderness in Africa- and potentially the whole world, despite its lack of hospitality and eeriness. It is bleak but stunningly beautiful.



Damaraland, a towering 1987m high granite mountain rises straight out of the desert, is situated In the heart of one of Namibia’s most wild and beautiful landscapes.

Nicknamed the ‘Matterhorn of Africa’ due to its dramatic shape, Namibia’s Spitzkoppe is all that remains of a 700 million-year-old ancient volcano. There’s just as much adventure to be had in the surrounds, though you can climb to the top (with technical know-how and some ropes).

Explore the unique landscape and head out on one of the many hikes; rich vegetation, ancient caves, imposing boulders, and desert plains, or hang out at the Rock Archway taking some epic photos. You can go in search of ancient bush paintings estimated to be up to 6,000 years old if you’re after something a little more cultural.

Then watch the sunset light up the granite boulders with streaks of orange and red before retiring to your campsite under the endlessly starry Namibian sky. The things desert dreams are made of.



Like most African cities, Windhoek is a mix of colonial history and African urban buzz. Here, you can learn about the country’s rich history, shop till you drop in the many markets, or simply enjoy great food and beer under the ever-present African sun.

Although we don't recommend spending too much time in Windhoek, be sure to check out Christuskirche, the ginger-bread style church in the centre of town, visit the local craft markets in town, have a local ale (or 10) at Joe's beer house, or relax in the African sun at the Parliament gardens.


Wednesday, December 12, 2018

What if we told you not only celebrities like Angelina Jolie enjoy chomping on insects or think of them as tasty delicacies?

You won’t believe some exotic African culture and beautiful traditions also find some insects to be edible snacks and delicacies. They eat some of these insects alongside meals while others are eaten in-between meals as quick munchies.

It is known as Entomophagy botanically - the practice of insects-eating by humans.

Surprisingly, this practice is not a twenty-first-century development, it dates back to the stone and iron ages. But in recent years, significantly improved research has been done and more classes of edible insects have sprouted.

So, next time you see a bug and want to crush it, keep those feet down –it could be a quick munch.

On a flip side, if you’re planning a visit to any African country, keep an open mind when exploring their cuisines, you will be delighted at the different delicacies that are available for your taste buds and more so, you have the explorer’s option of munching on some insects in between your sojourns as well.

Here are some insects you would never believe Africans eat –so don’t be surprised if you’re offered one during your visit to one of the most ethnically diverse countries.

  1. Caterpillar

C:\Users\user\Desktop\AVRIL'S STUFF\shutterstock_176183789.jpg

Despite how unbelievable it seems, these critters are actually edible! They are eaten as a delicacy in Southern Africa countries like Zimbabwe. They serve them in their restaurants, and it’s actually considered as a staple part of the Zimbabwean diet.

They are harvested, dried and sold by the locals when they are in season. The locals eat them immediately they are dried out. However, they can be cooked in a spicy sauce and served alongside meals or deep fried. In Southern Africa, the harvest of these caterpillars is accounted as 9.5 billion every year which means $85 million in yearly sales.

2. Crickets


Crickets are delectable insects you would find being sold on the roadsides in Niger, a country in West Africa. While in Kenya, cricket farming is already a major source of income.

The crickets are soaked in boiling water and dried before frying. They are served alongside main meals such as rice.

3. Locusts

C:\Users\user\Desktop\AVRIL'S STUFF\Fried-Grasshoppers-560x373.jpg

Locusts are vegetable pests so it’s quite ironic that they can be controlled by consuming them. They travel in large swarms and this makes them easily accessible for hunting and capturing.

Like the caterpillars and crickets, locusts are fried before consumption. Their legs are often removed during the process to avoid indigestion and other internal discomforts.

Research has it that locusts are as protein fortifying as beef.

4.Pentatomid bugs


Popularly known as stink bugs, Pentatomid bugs are another class of insects that you won’t believe Africans actually eat.

As opposed to the other insects, these bugs aren’t fried, boiled or consumed when dry. Stink bugs are roasted before consumption and the oil that is extracted from them in the roasting process is gathered to be used for preparing other foods.

Pentatomid bugs are commonly eaten in the sub-Saharan areas of Africa.

5. Termites

C:\Users\user\Desktop\AVRIL'S STUFF\111026-cicada plate-h.grid-6x2.jpg

Termites are the second highest on the ranks of most eaten insects on this planet.

They are a popular delicacy in the eastern and southern parts of Africa.

Like ants, termites can be eaten raw if it’s urgent. Albeit, they taste better when fried, spiced or sauced. They are eaten as sides for main dishes in eastern Africa.

6. Bees

C:\Users\user\Desktop\AVRIL'S STUFF\shutterstock_290037401.jpg

Hold on!

Don’t jump into that conclusion that bees produce honey and honey is consumed so in a way this article is talking about honey. It isn’t.

All the insects listed herein are eaten as they are, not their produces. Baby bees are consumed in their natural state in some parts of Africa. Bee farming has been diversified to include cultivating bees for direct consumption as opposed to the traditional method of bee farming for only honey.

Baby bees, otherwise known as larvae and pupae actually have very high protein content and are nutritious.

7. Palm weevil


Western Africa has experienced an increase in the overall consumption of palm weevil like you wouldn’t believe. Although the farming of palm weevils hasn’t been as widespread as the consumption, it is on the rise.

These weevils are highly nutritious and beneficial to health, therefore their consumption has been advised by researchers and scientists.

8. Grasshopper

C:\Users\user\Desktop\AVRIL'S STUFF\Grasshopper1.jpg

These might be a bit easier to believe because they are already consumed in several parts of the world. They are crunchy and a tasty delight when toasted, fried or roasted, and served alongside alcoholic beverages in some countries.

Grasshoppers are actually great sides for different kinds of courses and dishes. While Ugandans eat them during the rainy season as treats, different spices and sauces are added to up the ante of their taste.

What other insects have you eaten or come across cross people eating? Share with us.

5 Reasons to Visit Tanzania in 2019

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

2018 is ending and a new year for new adventures is incoming.

Offering a wealth of natural and cultural experiences to be treasured for a lifetime, Tanzania is far more than just a place to see the Big Five and the Wildebeest Migration.

Tanzania is one of the most enchanting and beloved safari destinations in the world, so we've compiled the top 5 reasons to visit Tanzania in 2019.

1. World Class Hiking Experiences


From the towering heights of Mount Kilimanjaro to the volcanic slopes to Ol Doinyo Lengai to the verdant jungle of Empakai Crater, Tanzania is a hiker's paradise.

While the national parks of Tanzania do not lend themselves to walking safaris, there are plenty of breath-taking hikes that can be taken by the adventurous.

There are some fewer challenging hikes you can use to get in shape for the big event, although climbing Mount Kilimanjaro is the ultimate goal for many aspiring hikers.

Climbing Mount Meru is a shorter, less daunting hike that many people use to acclimatize for Kili.

A Mount Meru summit can be added on at the start or finish of your safari adventure since it is achievable in just three or four days.

2. Camping on the Serengeti


The tented camp experience is something that every traveller should have, even though there are plenty of brick and mortar lodges to be found across Tanzania.

Sleeping in tented luxury out amidst the lions, elephants, and hyenas is something that you'll remember for the rest of your days.

How about a tented camp? Tented camps are the most common kind of accommodation in large parks such as the Serengeti and they are the perfect fusion of luxury accommodations and being close to nature.

3. Stone Town


A true melting pot of European, Arabic, African and Asian cultures whose every brick has a story to tell, the Zanzibar capital is a city steeped in history.

There is more to Stone Town than meets the eye, which is often seen as just a layover on your way from a safari to Zanzibar's famous beaches,

Located on the shores of the azure ocean, Stone Town's towering spires, labyrinthine alleys, and historic sites make it a living museum.

You can include a romantic Stone Town dinner or a Stone Town walking tour in your itinerary. Also, there are several Zanzibar day trips that can be arranged from Stone Town, if you have a bit more time.

4. The Beaches of Zanzibar


Few names are as synonymous with picturesque beaches than Zanzibar.

Its very name conjures up images of white sand, crystal clear waters, and a fascinating blend of cultures that can be found in few places on earth.

Zanzibar is just Zanzibar is perhaps best known for the huge variety of romantic resorts, B&Bs, and lodges that line its many idyllic beaches. With resorts ranging from laid-back backpacker haunts to world-class luxury escapes, Zanzibar is one of the world's most accessible slices of paradise.

Shadows of Africa can assist in arranging romantic escapes for all budgets. Of course, Zanzibar isn't just for couples! There are plenty of fun resorts for families, solo travellers, and groups of friends too.

5. The Wildebeest Migration


The Wildebeest Migration is something that needs to be seen to be believed. A movement of more than one million animals, this annual procession of wildebeest and zebras from the southern Serengeti into Kenya's Masai Mara draws visitors from all over the world.

Whether you're in Tanzania to see the calving season, the high drama of a river crossing, or the sheer size of the herd as it moves across the plains - Tanzania offers the absolute best opportunity to see this massive movement of animals.


Monday, December 10, 2018

Wardrobe malfunctions can take several forms and can be terribly embarrassing. From a tear in your pants, a button popping out, a wig falling off while standing on the train ride, to your skirt ripping while you bend to pick something up.

Some are even embarrassing enough to earn you a second glance from any onlookers –like getting your shirt stuck in the elevator door, broken heels, getting gum stuck to the bottom of your shoes or getting coffee spilled on your work clothes while hurrying from one location to another.

However, wardrobe malfunctions can be shocking to experience as they often occur at the most unfortunate and completely oblivious moments. The shock of the occurrence usually prevents most people from thinking of the best possible solution and they rather focus on the humiliation and embarrassment they are feeling.

Even though handling these wardrobe malfunctions can be relatively difficult depending on the situation surrounding their occurrence, the good thing is, there are certain relevant hacks that have been discovered and actually proven to help with the handling what may have become an embarrassing situation.

Want to find out? Some of these amazing hacks are listed alongside the common wardrobe malfunctions that seem to be a dilemma. They will help you ward off any possible mishaps with precautionary methods and easily maneuver your way through your next wardrobe malfunction in the case of its occurrence.

  1. Armpit stains

Image result for lemon juice spray bottle

Armpit stains are one of the most common wardrobe malfunctions caused by perspiration. However, it gets worse when after days of running through the machine and hand scrubbing, the dark stains still don’t come off.

At this point, the shirt or top seems hopeless but before you decide on throwing it out, check out this amazing hack for getting rid of that stain -lemon juice!

Whether store-bought or hand pressed, just ensure you use 100% pure lemon juice. Spray it generously over the affected areas and leave it for 5 minutes or less before washing with your regular detergent. Then it’s goodbye to the pit stain.

  1. Spray stains


Grab the bottle of body spray, lift your arm and you press down. Next thing you see as you look in the mirror is a wide, round-shaped cluster of what looks like white dust all over your armpit areas. Or worse yet, you don’t realize it until you are in an elevator and a quick glance at the mirrored walls shows you the intruder – a pit spray stain.

Finding yourself in this similar scenario may cause you to be frantic or horrifyingly embarrassed and begin to fidget.

You may even start rubbing at the spot, or spots, with your fingers and palms in hopes of making it disappear. Sas news - it never does!

On a flip side, you may even decide to use water and dab at the spot, but that just leaves you feeling damp, especially if the affected areas are numerous.

So what is a foolproof way to deal with this malfunction when you can’t swap your shirt or deal with the uncomfortable dampness during work hours? Use baby wipes!

Baby wipes are easily accessible, easily disposable and damp enough to work their magic –plus, you already use them to take off makeup.

A quick trip to the bathroom, a few swipes over the spot(s) with a baby wipe and the malfunction is hacked! No stress, no cost.

  1. Damp thighs and wet patches

C:\Users\user\Desktop\AVRIL'S STUFF\download (1).jpg

Sitting for long hours with your thighs pressed together in a skirt, dress or even formal pants can make them humid and dampen. This creates a wet patch which, depending on the color of your attire, may or may not be visible to the onlooker.

To avoid this uncomfortable occurrence, rub some talcum powder on the insides of your thighs before a long day to keep them cool and prevent you from having embarrassing wet patches.

Using talcum powder actually kills two birds with a single douse of powder. It also protects you from sores and rashes that occur as a result of friction. Be sure to choose a talcum powder product that won’t have adverse reactions on your skin since that area is quite sensitive.

  1. Falling buttons


Buttons popping out and about is so common that people don’t give it as much as a second glance, except it’s your button that is missing. When you are the victim of the malfunction it’s a lot harder to ignore the gap in your torso.

However, despite how seemingly unavoidable it is, there is an amazing hack to prevent the unexpected. Apply clear nail polish over your button and ensure that it gets into the holes and on the material of the cloth.

The sealant keeps the plastic of the button fixed while you are going about your day so you don’t have to rush in a search for office pins.

  1. Ripped jeans


Although possible, ripping your jeans by yourself is risky –in fact, buying one off a rack is, much more better creating the split or gap by yourself. You may end up with a larger hole in your jeans that is not mainstream fashion acceptable or one you are simply not comfortable enough with to be seen wearing in public.

What to do when you have a great pair of jeans, with a greater gaping hole in the thighs? Easy, turn fashion around. Dig up your fishnets (or buy a pair) and don them before putting on your jeans. This creates an original look and instantly turns your wardrobe malfunction into a beautiful picture.

  1. Lipstick stain


A lipstick stain is one of the most impossible stains to get rid of because most lipsticks are made to last for absurdly long lengths of time. Getting a lipstick stain by a stranger in an elevator, a firm hug from a close friend or even staining yourself with a slip of your hand is an inconvenience. Albeit an inconvenience that has been hacked.

With a bottle of hairspray, your lipstick stain is nothing to worry about. Spray over the area and wipe down or scrub lightly and it is all gone. This is a classic case of beauty product vs beauty product.

  1. Cotton lumps


The best things in life don’t always come easy. Having a comfortable pair of pants or your favourite cotton sweatshirt may come with some downsides also known as cotton balls. These little clusters of loose cotton try to take your favourite piece of clothing in your closet away but worry not, you do not have to push it to the bottom or bury it, and we will help you revive it.

Get a shaving razor and ply it over the cotton balls, basically shaving them off. Apply enough pressure to remove them without getting a cut in your pants. The end result is your favourite piece of clothing back in full quality condition.

  1. Rumpled collars


When ironing dress shirts it is important that you pay careful care and attention to the patterns and material of the shirt you are ironing, which is why most people resort to having dry cleaners do it for them. However, if you have taken it upon yourself to iron the shirt on your own then here is a hack that will undoubtedly make your life a lot easier -hair straightener!

It is true -believe it or not. When ironing it can be relatively difficult to get the collars as straight as you want and it would be disappointing to go through all that stress and not end up looking as dapper as you should. The solution? A hair straightener.

Heat up the flat iron and use it to straighten your collar -literally. Just put the parts of the collar one after the other and press down. You can spray with a laundry starch spray before using the hair straightener to press it down for a firmer texture.

  1. Loose zips

C:\Users\User\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Temporary Internet Files\Content.Word\Screen-Shot-2018-07-27-at-2.48.36-AM.PNG

Jeans are an essential part of every individual’s closet and almost everyone loves how they can easily switch from casual to semi-formal and sophisticated. Any jean lover knows that other than denim bleeding, cuts and wrong sizes, the next horror when it comes to jeans are zips that don’t stay up.

When you sit, it slips. When you stand, it slips. So, put a ring on it. Literally.

Get an old key ring and run it through the hole in your zipper’s handle then fix your jean button into the ring. This way you can keep your zipper up and your button clasped while you sit, stand and do your happy dance.

  1. Wine Stains

C:\Users\user\Desktop\AVRIL'S STUFF\WineStain_Internal_White 1.jpg

Red wine stains are very common and very difficult to get out.

As wonderfully as they taste, Red wines leave one of the toughest fabric stains to wash off. So, if you fancy a glass of red with your meal, we’ve got a backup plan to save your shirt from an unexpected slip off the tip of your glass.

White wine is actually the answer to your red induced problems. Despite how impossible it may seem at first, it actually works! White wine is the ultimate hack when it comes to getting rid of stains left behind by red wine.

Simply pour a reasonable amount of white wine over the red wine state, sit back and watch as it neutralizes the red wine till there’s almost nothing left of it. Then wash with your regular detergent.

  1. Slipping sunglass hinges

C:\Users\user\Desktop\AVRIL'S STUFF\PERSONAL\Fashion-Hacks 1.jpeg

Summertime equals sundresses, sunscreen, sundaes and sunglasses.

When the sun is blaring, you just want to keep your eyes shielded so it is an unwelcome disturbance having to move your classes up the bridge of your nose every five seconds due to hinges that have become loose.

We understand how much of an inconvenience this can be so we have brought the ultimate hack for the slipping hinges to you, nail polish!

Now, before you snicker and close your laptop let’s explain how it works. The sealant in nail polish keeps the metal of the hinges on your sunglasses firmly together so next time you get sunglasses, coat the hinges with a generous amount of clear nail polish and enjoy summer without bothering if your shades will fall when you bend to pick a beautiful seashell.

  1. Missing earring hooks


Diamond studs are a girl’s best friend, or was it hoops? Chandelier earrings? Whatever your fix is, you love your earrings as much as the next girl and to lose them would be unthinkable. What then is to be done, when you keep losing the hooks to your favourite pair?

Earring hooks are one of the most easily misplaced pieces of jewellery because of their sizes and ability to be stuck in the weirdest nooks and crannies. So, what do you do when you have the perfect outfit and all it needs is the glint of jewellery on your ears and one of the hooks is missing? Don’t fret, simply get a small but thick piece of an eraser and fix it as a temporary hook. No one has to know when you smile for the camera and the light catches the silver of your studs.

10 essentials to pack when traveling to South Africa

Friday, December 7, 2018

It’s true that a trip to a foreign country can be slightly overwhelming, at the same time, it’s the sincerest form of culture shock in the most amazing way.

South Africa is a charming country in the south of Africa –as the name depicts. It is a perfect vacation destination with its beautiful beaches, forests, lagoons, and mountains. It also boasts of an inland safari destination so you can also experience the wild in their true nature.

Soweto, Durban, and Johannesburg are the most popular and widely visited urban centers of South Africa. They offer modern leisure, relaxation, and exotic events. Home to Nelson Mandela, South Africa pulls in a large number of foreign visitors seeking to explore its beauty.

A trip to South Africa definitely calls for certain essentials that must not be left behind when packing your luggage. We have put together a list of ten items that must be with you for a trip to South Africa so, check it out below!

  1. Asake Flat Slippers


You simply cannot decide to travel to a country as culturally appealing as South Africa and express no desire to explore the beauty that lies waiting in every corner of the country. The drive for free-spirited trip calls for you to be at your most comfortable state.

That said, pack a pair of comfortable and flat slippers for all your park visits, mall trips and food market tasting sprees.

If you plan to have fun and make memories, you should be as relaxed as you can possibly be.

  1. Ora Scarf by ZVP

C:\Users\User\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Temporary Internet Files\Content.Word\2w.jpegC:\Users\User\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Temporary Internet Files\Content.Word\2h.jpeg

A great way to blend in with the ethnical richness of the South African locals is to don a beautifully patterned scarf. The scarf undeniably makes your outfit look more culturally rich while keeping you warm and comfy.

Get yourself a couple of beautiful scarves for your trip to South Africa.

  1. Area Boys Crew

C:\Users\User\Documents\ADEOLA\60308007-572A-41B3-AFE2-F6C3814D6A83 (1).png

The weather in South Africa holds the possibility of getting slightly chilly. So, with this knowledge, the number one priority for the occurrence of this possibility is finding a way to maintain an urban look while trying not to freeze to death.

Your answer is a sweatshirt that is perfect for an early morning run or can easily be rocked on the streets of Johannesburg.

  1. Signature Pants


The breezy feel of the right pair of lightweight pants against your legs is the complete package.

Keeping you away from all possible bugs and tugs? Check.

Keeping your legs aired? Check.

Keeping you stylish? Check. So, it goes without saying that a couple of free pants are a must-pack for your South African trip and you can get the perfect pair.

Also, you may want to indulge in some thick cargo pants for your hikes and other outdoorsy events you may be attracted to participate in while you are in one of the most beautiful countries in the African continent.

  1. Sturdy shoes


One of the most enjoyable things to do on a trip to South Africa is trail walking. The next best is mountain hiking. Both activities are highly stimulating and endearing but it is important that you are dressed appropriately for them.

Sturdy shoes are the utmost best when it comes to footwear for a hike. They keep you grounded and help you step across twigs and branches without tripping.

Thanks to modern fashion, you can also wear your shoes on a walk, jog or while perusing the stores.

  1. Swimwear


What is a vacation without a visit to at least one of the available water bodies, both the natural and man-made? Incomplete, that’s what it is. Even if you are not a pro at aquatic athletics, you can enjoy the serenity of the beautiful, scenic beaches in South Africa while decked out in a dazzling two-piece swimsuit.

Also, your resort or hotel of temporary residence most definitely has a state-of-the-art modern pool. So, when you have a gap day, you can take a quick dive and if you don’t swim, you can take the opportunity to learn or catch up on your reading by the poolside while getting sunbathed in your bathing suit.

  1. Bikers Shorts by ZVP


There is no way to fully experience a vacation if you can’t accurately frustrate your friends and family with accurate details of how wonderful the air in South Africa can feel. Once in a while, you are sure to get the urge to ditch your pretty sundress for a nice pair of shorts and go sightseeing.

Also, when going on fun escapades and impulsive trips across the country, it is advisable to wear shorts just to avoid the possibility of too much heat on your legs and of course, to get them their entitled dose of the brilliant South African weather.

  1. Lightweight shirts

C:\Users\User\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Temporary Internet Files\Content.Word\IMG_20181119_002854_675.jpg

Depending on the season of the year during which you decide to travel to South Africa, it could be relatively humid or chill. It is advisable that the best way to prepare for either weather is to pack a couple of lightweight shirts.

In essence, you cannot go wrong with some lightweight shirts for your trip.

These shirts are essential because even if the climate switches up while you are enjoying the beauty of South Africa, the lightweight shirts can keep you cool during a warm weather and also keep you comfy enough for a relative chilly weather.

  1. Tank tops

C:\Users\User\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Temporary Internet Files\Content.Word\IMG_20181119_002930_131.jpg

Spaghetti strapped blouses and tank tops should definitely be at the very top of your luggage checklist. They cannot be reconsidered or otherwise packed as alternative choices for a trip to South Africa.

They are incredibly fashionable and easy to carry due to their weight –or lack of. So, you won’t have to tug a bulging bag of tees while trying to get the full tourist experience. Get yourself some sincerely stunning tank tops for your trip.

Also, short spells of climate changes, which are unpredictable and unavoidable, can occur. Based on this, it is advisable to have some tank tops available at hand for the sunny days.

  1. Sandals


Traveling anywhere in the world requires certain essentials that must not be compromised. A trip to South Africa is not an exception when it comes to these essentials, and a pair of sandals are items that can’t be left behind as you get your luggage together.

Regardless of how light they are when weight is considered, they are also easy to wear as you explore the culture and traditional attractions of South Africa.

Also, it won’t hurt to learn a Swahili dance like the chaka chaka while wearing a pair of beautiful sandals.

Ethnic Bosses – 5 African Inspired Outfits for work

Monday, November 19, 2018

Every fashionista at heart, knows that a wardrobe is never complete without some vibrant African colors, pieces or fabrics. If you’re looking for a bit of a refresh for your regular or corporate wardrobe, we have some amazing recommendations below that will take your style to a whole new level. We have 5 key and gorgeous pieces that could help you start a basic capsule wardrobe for work, or just add a touch of vogue and make you stand out in the corporate scene:

Ama Corporate Ensemble



Nothing says ‘don’t cross her’, like a simple but elegant corporate gown in a vivid color. Whether you’re the boss - or the assistant boss, this outfit is sure to have you looking well put together, royal and sophisticated. Available in 2 styles and colors – the Ama corporate dress is easy to wear, elegantly fitted and ultra-comfortable to be in.

Black Kaftan on Stripes


Look at it like this – you’re one outfit away from leveling up at work! Not only is this outfit the perfect transition from work to hang-outs, it’s a fitted, regal style that could pass for an intriguing conversation starter. Feel free to creatively pair your black Kaftan with different pants, and your stripped pants with a T-shirt and sneakers for a preppy look. Talk about an interchangeable wardrobe! Stand out at the office and represent Africa in this kingly 2-piece – available in a variety of colors and patterns on our site.



Join the Bubu gang in this super-cute, flowy and elegant ensemble. Available in a vibrant orange hue and with a full, modest neckline, this is one outfit that spells ‘African boss lady’ for every woman adorned by it. Pair with a belt, or corporate bag and shoes for a complete workwear look or rock it with some statement earrings for that casual Friday or weekend hangout – the choice is yours! But the Bubugang is simply a stunning piece to add to your workwear wardrobe.

Orange and Havana Brown Cashmere Suit


Give off classic Jidenna vibes in this stylish earthy suit! As you well know by now, earthy colors and undertones are reminiscent of Africa and African fashion – think brown, orange, dark red and pastels – what better way to go all out in the corporate world than with a classic outfit that showcases the earthy vibes of Africa? With clean lines and a well-structured outline, our Orange and Havana Cashmere suit is sure to turn heads on and outside the corporate scene. Available in vibrant colors too.

Meigue Jumpsuit


Fun fact – Ladies of every possible skin-tone and undertone always look stunning in vivid blue or purple! The Meigue Jumpsuit can be paired with a coat or blazer for that ‘working-class fashionista’ look or as is for a lovely night out with the girls! Either way, you’re sure to be repping Africa in this ensemble with its intricate prints on the pants.

It helps to be fashionably

creative as you can make 2 or more outfits out of just one piece, however with

no creativity at all, you can be an ethnic boss in any of these gorgeous



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