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7 Fashionable Gift Ideas for Family and Friends this Season

Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Ho! Ho!! Ho!!! The season of giving is upon us, so open your arms wide and spread smiles around.

Getting gifts for people is generally easier said than done, mainly because it involves too many complex choices. However, the Christmas is synonymous with giving and receiving gifts, although they may be slightly impersonal. And if we are being honest, we mostly prefer to receive gifts.

Due to the dreaded hassle of Christmas shopping, a lot of people purchase the Christmas presents they want to hand out weeks and even months before the actual day of exchange - and typically end up buying clichéd gift items like mugs, sweaters, scarves, ties –well, you get the picture.

Hence, there is a need for you to get a unique gift without the terror of Christmas shopping and with just enough sentiments for it to be the perfect gift for your family and friends. If you just so happen to be stuck here then remember, when all else fails, fashion slays –no one says this but it works. So just flow with it.

Fashionable items are one of the best things to get your loved ones this season. 2018 saw a lot of trends come and go but all in all, the fashion consciousness was higher. Giving your friends a fashionable clothing item or adding to your family member’s closet collection is a great way to give a thoughtful Christmas present and we have seven fashionable gift ideas to ease the selection process.

  1. Rosabella


This four-piece stunning beauty is the perfect gift for the sophisticated and pearl loving women in your life. The intricate design and overall aesthetic are a beneficial bonus. We are confident that whoever you gift with this amazing jewellery will be pretty close to tears.



There are ladies that love bags and there are ladies that know bags. If you’ve got one of the latter and you are stuck on a Christmas gift for her, then look no further. The snakeskin beauty is exclusive bespoke and so fashionable that it automatically ups the style ante of the bearer.

  1. Wakanda


In the true spirit of one of the best parts of 2018, we present to you – the Wakanda bracelet. The strength of this black Panther-inspired piece can be worn by both men and women.

Did someone say the best option ever? Gift your intense, comic loving, Wakanda citizen friend or family member with this bracelet and bask in their gratitude till the new year!

  1. Amina bag


Don’t be tempted to order this for yourself, your sister will love it more!

We know it’s hard to look past this beauty and gift it to someone else. However, think about the secret gloating,

the joy and pride you will feel when you see your best girl slaying this gem. The Amina bag is a diamond that

must be displayed, give it to someone special this season.

  1. Hand painted clutch


There is almost nothing that can actually say, ‘I’m thinking about you’ like a hand-painted clutch. If this carefully

painted piece reminds you of your eccentric friend, then don’t doubt it.

This is the perfect gift for someone who is daring and eager to explore fashion.

  1. WWMW-ORHUE Batik Shirt


Why bother with a regular shirt in some fancy wrapping, when you can deliver this unique piece to your loved

one this season. Don’t think too hard about it, in fact, you shouldn’t even be considering it.

This fashion-savvy shirt brings culture and style together in one beautiful piece. There is no guy you would

present with this who wouldn’t appreciate the thoughtfulness and unique style -well unless he is a hermit.

  1. Pilli Skirt by ZVP


Let’s do a quick run through. Fashionable? Check. Elegant? Check. Beautiful? Check. Those are the key things

to consider when buying a gift for a female you’re close to. You shouldn’t have any conflicts at this point. Get

this amazing skirt for your best friend or sister and watch her dazzle in the sheer beauty of it. This is one gift

you can be sure not to regret.

  1. Green slides


One of the first things we tend to notice about men is their footwear. It is like the first sight stop when

appraising a man’s physical appearance so, you can understand why these slides are the perfect gift for your

male friends and family members. They are unique with exclusive designs that basically certifies the wearer

a fashionable individual.

So, there you go, give, receive and have yourself a merry Christmas!


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