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We bring the spice – 3 Western Dishes with an African Twist

Friday, November 16, 2018

Americans generally have an impressive

appetite for good

food. They are best known for the stuff that's described by words better suited

to grinding

, greasy industrial output, when it comes to American food – whether Fast, junk, processed.

However, there are some household dishes that have ethnic replicas all the way in Africa.

We're sharing a quick list of 4 popular American dishes, to celebrate the endless creativity of food and we know you're going to want to t ry their African versions .

But first some ground rules: acknowledge that trying to define American or African food in general is tough ; then acknowledge that selecting some American meals inevitably means accidentally overlooking or leaving out some beloved dishes .

Cobb Salad vs African Salad


What goes into a Cobb Salad is fairly absolute, even though the origins of this American dish are still up for debate: tangy tomatoes, tender chicken breast, perfectly hard-boiled eggs, and most important, crispy bacon. This classic version relies on ripe avocado and crumbled blue cheese for creaminess, as opposed to a buttermilk-based or cheese dressing. Each ingredient is usually prepared based on personal preference.

African Salad on the other hand is a Nigerian salad garnished with a generous serving of dry fish, garden eggs and greens. Traditionally called Abacha, it is prepared with cassava. Cooked cassava tubers are sliced with a special grater and soaked in cold water overnight, washed thoroughly and dried under the sun.

Your African Salad is never complete without Ugba, also known as Ukpaka, which is made from oil bean seeds. These seeds are cooked for several hours then sliced, washed and left to ferment a little bit. A special sauce made with palm oil, crayfish and potash – is used as dressing.


Chicken Fijitas vs Chakalaka


A Texan -Mexican inspired dish full of filling and healthy ingredients, Chicken fajitas are an American household dish sure to please even the pickiest of the bunch. A griddle will make short work of cooking the onions and peppers to perfection and yielding juicy, tender chicken. It is usually best served with an assortment of toppings on corn or flour tortillas.


Its African and vegan counterpart known as Chakalaka is a dish that originates from South Africa. A spicy refreshing bean tomato relish that will provoke your taste bud sLegend has it that Chakalaka actually was developed by men working in the goldmines; they put together vegetables on hand together with canned beans to form a great relish to pair with their starchy side s. Simple yet pleasing in every way, this South African –born spicy vegetable side can be as spicy or as mild as you like it.

Chicken Fried Steak vs Suya


This is beef dipped in flour and soaked in egg batter and to which pepper, salt, and often other herbs, spices and seasonings are often added (called breading). Served with a cream gravy , Chicken fried steak is usually deep-fried and, while country fried steak is served with a brown gravy and fried in a skillet .


The African variation called Suya, are sizzling beef skewers which are a popular and delicious Nigerian street food snack usually eaten straight off the grill . It is usually made with beef, sometimes veal or chicken is used. Suya is made with just meat, ground peanuts, and cayenne pepper , but more elaborate spice mixtures are also used.


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